About Petro-Consulting

Initially, the company positioned itself on the market as a service company, primarily in the oil and gas sector, but also provided services in geological studies and engineering solutions for subsoil usage.As the company developed, it expanded its services and currently provides clients with highly qualified consulting in project management, both from a legal and commercial point of views.Its focus still remains on projects regarding subsoil use in different frameworks ranging from the general joint investment activities to special regimes such as the production sharing agreement framework.

The company's team offers a multitude of different approaches when tackling an issue posed by a client and delivers the most efficient solutions within the set constraints. The goal is to set the framework that allows the most flexibility and offer the best toolset to make the best decisions from increasing investment capital to gaining a competitive advantage over incumbent rivals.

The best results are delivered to our clients due to the experience and professional approach of our team and external consultants, which are engaged on a need-to basis when required. Thus, we are qualified to work on any task regarding subsoil usage, the energy sector as a whole and its sub-sectors as well. Most importantly, we are confident that work done by us will offer a multitude of efficient solutions that will be delivered in a timely and confidential manners on an individual basis tailored to the needs of our client


In order to fulfill the requirements of the law "About assessing externalities on the environment" LLC Petro-Consulting is announcing its next steps that require an environmental assessment as required by law.

Projects & Clients

Since its inception, LLC 'Petro-Consulting' has successfully cooperated with both domestic and international companies.